Our awards and recognitions

I participated on different national contests with my Pálinka and I received the following achievements:

  • Since 1998 I managed to earn 10 bronze,10 silver and 9 gold medals.
  • In 2003 my bronze pálinka has received the highest score from the professional judges at the Gyula international pálinka contest and was honored with a special award.
  • In 2005 April I was the first tenant-distillery to become a member of the Hungarian Pálinka Equestrian Order.
  • In 2008 at the 9th International Pálinka and distillery competition I won the title of the most successful tenant-distillery. Also, my mulberry-cranberry pálinka mixture won the Champion award, which is the winner title of the category.
  • In 2009, I received the special prize of the National Association Kisüsti distillery.
  • In 2010, the XVIII. Hungarian National and International Fruit Spirits Competition and was awarded the "Best Hungarian Rental Brewer Individual" award, the Confederation of National Associations of fruit cooking and I got my own special award was "For Best Rental Brewer Pálinka"
  • In 2010, the Company's Peach pálinkas best choice Peach pálinkas of Délalföldi Régió ("Southern Lowlands Region").
  • The Madaras Pálinkaház in 2010th in December the Sour Cherry and Apricot pálinkas won the title of Excellent Hungarian Food ("Kiváló Magyar Élelmiszer").
  • The results of the country over the past 3 years: 16 bronze, 13 silver, 9 gold and 3 Champion Award.